“Correctly respond to the first outbreak”

Jessica of Chicago vs Bed Bugs has a very nice and wide-ranging interview with a Chicago pest management firm—Smithereen, who not only have a great name but have been around since 1888.

I liked this question and its answer:

Chicago vs. Bed Bugs: We’ve asserted (many times) that landlords and/or property managers could save themselves a lot of money by contracting with a pest management company that specializes in treating bed bug infestations as soon as a bed bug infestation is reported to them. Do you agree?

There’s also a very interesting question that pertains to us! Naturally, we’re going to have to explore the question further to get at all the niceties. For now, we thank Jessica and Smithereen for this great conversation.

Pest management companies engaging in a public conversation about bed bugs with advocates and the public is simply awesome. More such exchanges, please.


  1. Jessica

    Hi Renee!

    Thanks for sharing the Smithereen Q & A with your readers.

    I agree, conversation between pest management companies, advocates like us, and the general public is SO important, and I’m really happy that the folks at Smithereen took the time to answer our questions.

  2. Ron

    I have recently done some research regarding the recent attention given to this body mite/ bed-bug epidemic. It seems as if UV AIR PURIFICATION erradicates the microbe from both the person and the space in which it is installed (in-duct purifiers). This is similar to the technology that high end casino hotels are using to minimize sickness and kill any airborne bacteria!

  3. Renee Corea

    Ron, we need to clarify that bed bugs do not linger on people (except in cases of extreme neglect). They bite, suck blood and then go back to their hiding spots. They are insects and they are visible. They are not microbes.

    We are aware of no research or trials that support this UV air purification claim.

    It’s important to approach this problem creatively, yes, but also with a firm reliance on science.

  4. Ron

    A microbe is simply another word for a “minute organism”…(which a bed bug, bird mite, or rate mite would be)…these pests which ever they may be are infecting many people even outside of their homes and bedrooms in NY. They seem to be burrowing into the nasal cavity and ears of their victims. I unfortunately have already had to deal with this issue. After many unsuccessful doctor visits, I researched and purchased an “in duct” UV air cleaner that erradicated them from my home. The UV air treatment along with flonase for my sinus and ear infection did the trick after many months of hell. I only share this information because it was what worked for me!

  5. Renee Corea

    I’m sorry, Ron, bed bugs are not microbes. And they don’t “burrow.” What you are describing is not a bed bug problem.

    Good luck, however.

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