Beating Bedbugs guides from Greater London Pest Liaison Group

The Greater London Pest Liaison Group’s Beating Bedbugs best practice guides are finally out and you may download them on the group’s new website.

Not since the days of stalking the Cincinnati Board of Health meeting minutes for news of the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Strategic Plan have I waited for any bed bug documents with such impatience, continually checking various websites. And now I can’t devote proper time to discussing them! (Apologies, I hope we can return to this subject and review it in greater depth soon, or better yet, you tell us what you find interesting.) I entreat you, then, to read these documents; they reward the attention.

There are five guides, all PDFs: Information for Residents, Information for Landlords, Information for Healthcare Professionals, Preparing your home for bedbug treatment, and Inspection and treatment guide.

We first noted them here and learned that they were presented at Pestex this year, where the adoption rationale as well as the use of relevant laws for treatment access were explained. Once again, the ever useful Pest showed us where to find what we were looking for.

If you are interested in this subject, the difficult subject of bed bug policy development, you might see in these guides one clear path. There are many different ways of achieving our hoped-for result. One way, the city government way, seems closed to us for now, but why can’t we do this here, exactly? Our system is different, no local authorities here providing pest control services, but the elucidation of what needs to be done, what existing laws can be used to advantage, and, more important, an obvious consensus from within the practicing professionals, an agreement on direction and purpose if not methods. Why can’t we have this here?

If you care to look at our interview with Clive Boase, you will see his discussion of the 1936 Public Health Act and the principles of bed bug treatment and eradication borne out in these documents.

Notice for example, in the Guidance on Inspection and Treatment (PDF):

Confirmation that bedbugs have actually been eradicated from the treated premises, is critical. A surviving and redeveloping infestation will disperse and infest other properties, undoing the work already carried out.

Ha, indeed.

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  1. sam bryks

    I had a quick look at the guidelines… Excellent stuff!!!!
    Great that you have posted this here Renee so others can find it more easily. I would not have found this so fast were it not for NewYorkvsBedBugs…
    We are working on similar materials, but this is really a trailblazer. There is a lot of useful material out there, but form of presentation is so critical so that the target groups are encouraged to read and use the guidelines.
    Kudoes to this group..

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