All interminable things must come to an end

If you are accidentally reading this, I thank you so much for your interest, and if you’ve been around since last year when we started this quixotic project, gosh you are champ and I’ve been thinking about you all this time.

Coming up next, we will take a look at some extraordinary bed bug history—consider this fair warning so that you can skip the next few days if you like.  (Yes, I’ve heard about it!  Sorry, but it was my special project to write about the history of bed bugs.)

And then I will focus on some of the mysteries of bed bug bites.

And then, unless perhaps one of my heretofore anonymous colleagues feels like writing for the blog, the New York vs Bed Bugs blog will be no more.  I can’t say whether we succeeded or not.  On the most objective measure, we failed.  But we’ll see.  Now I’ll hear from Jessica about using the failure word.

Writing for this blog has been extraordinarily rewarding for me. It’s been great to speak my mind about a subject that few care about, and about all the things that are wrong and should be made right.  Ahem, remember always that bed bugs are freaking public health pests.

The website will remain and I hope the resources collected here will be useful to you.  I will find another way to work on these bed bug issues that I care about so much.

The bed bug bites post(s) will blow your mind, I promise, but I’m also willing to entertain requests for these last few days.  So go ahead and tell me all about it.

Best wishes always.

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