Bed bug treatment specs from ONPHA

The Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association has posted bed bug management specifications which were developed in collaboration with hsi solutions. This is a great communication and education tool for their residents and property managers — but there’s also generosity at play here for the rest of us who can now read this example of clearly thought-out bed bug treatment contract specifications.

The items are:

From the warranty:

Warranty for Unit Treatment

The warranty for unit treatment, planned or demand, shall be three (3) months from the service date. The warranty is also dependent on specific factors that may compromise the service effectiveness, such as adjacent infestations and other factors such as extremely heavy infestation, or conditions requiring further services. Unless such factors are identified by the Pest Control Service Provider (PCSP) to the Housing Provider before or at the time of treatment, the warranty shall be in force for the period noted.

From the expected service levels:

Adjacent Unit Inspections

Units immediately adjacent to the treated unit on the same floor shall be inspected at the same time as the treatment of the unit is undertaken. This will require preparation and advance notice to the tenant by the Housing Provider.

I think there are IPM contract recommendations out there but I have not seen one specific to bed bugs, so I hope this is helpful for those of you who are considering your own RFQs or negotiating contracts.

ONPHA also has a bed bug list-serv for their member property managers. Very cool.


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  2. Carrie E. Crane

    A tenant in my building on the 3rd floor reported bed bugs several months ago. My building management has been doing extermination on a weekly basis for months now, requiring access to all units EVERY week for treatment with nasty chemicals. They insist that all furniture be moved away from walls, closets emptied, and pets locked up during these treatments. They require that we seal in plastic and wash all bedding in hot water EVERY week.

    I am a student and also working full time. I only have one day off a week and each Friday is seriously disrupted by having to turn my apartment upside down and do all of this laundry. How long are they allowed to continue with this? They’ve given no date that they anticipate this practice ending. It seems excessive. I live in the garden unit and there has been no occurrence of bed bugs on this floor. I feel that my privacy is being invaded.
    The maintenance people are sloppy, leaving enough chemical solution behind to damage the hardwood floors and even soaked the inside of my shoe once because they are so careless. They spray some chemical stuff on my mattress every week. How do I know that it’s not going to cause illness to me or my pets in the future? The smell lingers. This is very disturbing. Is there anything I can do? I love this apartment, but don’t know how much longer I can put up with this.

  3. Renee Corea


    You should talk to people locally. First, speak to the management company and the pest control company (if there is one, I’m concerned that it appears as though the management is doing this with building staff). Then try the health department and the pesticide applicator regulator in your state (in NY it is the Department of Environmental Conservation). Your building management may not be able to do pesticide applications in your apartment. You can ask to see the license of the technician that comes to you home, as well as the names and labels of all pesticide products being applied. Weekly sprayings of your mattress and other things you state suggest there is something not quite right with this treatment plan. If the management is doing it without hiring a licensed pest control company, then that may explain many things.

    In most cases, people have the opposite problem, a management company that is not willing to consider other apartments where the infestation may spread. But in your case, you should have a talk with them and figure out what the plan is, whether there were bed bugs found in your apartment or others nearby, what they are using and how, etc.

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