Bed bug management policy guide for accommodation providers

From Australian medical entomologist Stephen Doggett, a draft first edition of a Bed Bug Management Policy for Accommodation Providers, “initially developed to assist community housing groups who were experiencing recurrent bed bug problems” but useful for anyone in “the hospitality industry, student and staff lodgings, and/or public housing.”

The policy recommends that all bed bug mitigation/treatment activities be carefully documented, including inspections, staff training, outside agency involvement, vacuuming routines, and treatment reports.

The most interesting suggestion here, and quite elaborated (with suggested fields), is a database:

A standardised database should be used to document bed bug infestations. This has a number of advantages; it can help ensure that procedures are undertaken, it can help in the tracking of people and potential infestations, it can be used to review the procedures within a facility, and the economic impacts of bed bugs can be recorded.

Perhaps there may be some unexplored privacy issues here with keeping certain records of occupants, prior occupants, including medical information. But there is no doubt there are many facilities here and elsewhere that desperately need an organized system of bed bug incident documentation.

Always interesting and useful documents and welcome leadership from Australia.

You can download the Code of Practice third edition here. (I’m looking forward to reading it again as I often find something new.) And look through ICPMR Medical Entomology department’s bed bug publications here.

Previous posts about articles by Stephen Doggett and colleagues: on DE, advice for general practitioners, and dispersal.

Also always relevant to remind you of the Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Bed Bugs in Shelters and Group Living Facilities from NYS IPM at Cornell.

News of the finalized third edition of the CoP via Pest.

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