NYC HPD now offering bed bug education community classes for non-profits and tenants groups

And they also offer free classes at their lower Manhattan offices on designated Wednesdays from 6:00-9:00 pm at 100 Gold Street, New York, NY 10038. Register for the in-person class online or call 212-863-8830.

For the non-profit and tenant groups classes, contact Pam Glaser, Director of Public Outreach and Education, NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development, at 212-863-6721.

Also, the online bed bug course is now easy to register for with just name and email required. Access the course on this page (click “register now”).

Any important additional updates in the future will be posted to the NYC page. That page and the resources page may be updated once in a while.

[Edited to update class registration info].


  1. Alva French

    Thanks for posting this information. It’s very helpful, but do you think that NYC is doing enough? There doesn’t seem to be much of this type of information in the media. Should they be doing more? What about other parts of the city?

  2. Alva French

    Thank you for this information. I feel like this information is hard to come by. Do you think the City is doing enough given how the infestation crisis has risen over the course of the past five years? Thank goodness for blogs like this.

  3. Renee Corea

    Hi Alva,

    I’m sorry your comments got filtered. Thank you for commenting and the kind words — though it’s a bit of an accident that comments were open here. This site is now an archive and no new articles are expected to be posted.

    Do I think the city is doing enough? That one is easy. No.

    Is the media doing the right things? Yes and no, complicated. This is an opportunity that will not return. They won’t keep printing bed bug stories every day for months on end. So it is a real shame that good information is not being disseminated more (along with the panic and everything else that is). On the other hand, the attention is defanging the problem a bit, I think, and that can only help long-term. Defeating the stigma seems impossible and yet if it were significantly reduced it would help control efforts immensely.

    Why isn’t the media interested in educational efforts and actual policy? I think you might know more about that than I do. HPD has an interesting online bed bug course that not a single media outlet has mentioned, much less featured.

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