Mattress update

I have neglected to update the various mattress topic threads that this site explored in the past. There are updates on same pages here, particularly the NYC page, but nothing that has gone over the posts feed.

Briefly then, the City of New York recently began to require the bagging of mattresses and box springs set out for garbage collection. Actual fines begin on January 3.

This is a welcome and totally unexpected development. I offered congratulations to Chief Peter Mckeon who was the Department of Sanitation’s bed bug advisory board member and asked if pallet/shrink-wrap wrapping met the requirements of the new rule, and he said yes. I was especially pleased to see that the commissioner’s statement contained such a nuanced understanding of the problem, and that Council Member Brewer was credited. Particularly fun for me was to email Nicole about this new rule. Her reaction: “Amazing!”

Over the summer, the New York State Governor vetoed a bill that would have ended the exception that allows mattresses returned by consumers after a 30-day consumer trial period to be sold as new. The bill had already been seriously and disastrously weakened by the time it was passed.

Also, the New York State Department of State finally adopted mattress sanitizing regulations. However, the sanitizing mechanisms in the final regulations are inadequate to the task of sanitizing used bedding against bed bugs and (perhaps for this reason) include an untested and ambiguous “permanent, non-permeable covering” option. How this will play in the context of ineffective mattress sanitizing practices already in use by the industry is not yet clear.

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