Ontario provincial government to fund bed bug education and assistance programs

The Star is reporting that the Province of Ontario will fund educational and assistance programs for the province with 5 million dollars. Local public health units will be able to apply for funds and the province will fund a public education campaign.

The article mentions the work of Member of the Provincial Parliament Mike Colle (Eglinton-Lawrence). MPP Colle has been working with various stakeholders on the bed bug issues for several months. He called a bed bug summit in September — read the recommendations here: Recommendations and Strategies: Arising from the Bed Bug Summit at Queen’s Park, held on September 29, 2010. [The policy and recommendations literature is growing every day, isn’t it? You can see more here.]

Congratulations, Ontario.

You may recall that in the 2009 report from the Toronto Medical Officer of Health [PDF here], there was a clear statement about the long-term unsustainable burden on Toronto Public Health resources:

TPH work in addressing the bed bug problem in Toronto is presently funded through reallocation of resources from other mandated programs. This is not sustainable in the long term.


The TPH Bed Bug Unit in 2009 has been supported by three Public Health Inspectors and two Public Health Nurses who have been re-assigned to this work from the Health Hazard and the Vulnerable Adults programs. These resources will continue to support the Bed Bug Project in 2010 and the estimated cost of continuing this project is $500,000 gross and $125,000 net which will be absorbed within TPH 2010 Operating Budget.

Toronto is one of the most experienced cities in North America in this great bed bug fight. There is so much to learn from the Canadians (Vancouver and Toronto). They have described the problem and issues with extraordinary understanding and compassion, and in the creation and support of social enterprise bed bug services, they have innovated solutions that work. Previously here we have wishfully looked at Toronto Public Health’s bed bug website, talked to one of the architects of the city’s bed bug response plan, and reviewed the bed bug contract specifications made public by the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association and much more. See all previous Toronto posts here.


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