“found 7 of them put them on the sticky tape, and here is what I got”

This photo set at flickr is very interesting — is this what happens when photographers are exposed to bed bugs? It seems intuitive that we would all reach for what we know best, even at a time like this.

The way the photographs are composed gives you a real sense of size and the features involved. Some are especially graphic, so skip if you would.


  1. Renee Corea

    Heheh. I give him credit for simply going back. I would never go back to a hotel room, having just escaped it, to collect and photograph bed bugs, or to make notes or anything. I am interested in this, how regular people respond to bed bugs, what they reach for, as a practical matter, and also in their thoughts, to deal with the mix of revulsion and other feelings, the explanations they make to either achieve distance or comfort. It’s all very deep and mysterious.

    I have been immensely enjoying your website, Franco. I will email you — this is your chance to turn on your autoresponder!

  2. Franco Casini

    I’m happy you enjoyed my website, and I’m just sorry I actually have no time to update it.

    I voluntarily slept in an infested room more than one time, to observe BBs “field” beahviour. But I’m an entomologist and I’m not sensitive to bites. I talk about that in a post on Bedbugger:

    In last year, four of my female customer with BBs problems were psychologists and they all had symptoms like paranoia, sleeplessness and so on.
    I told them I was persuaded that psychologists know all the tricks to avoid all that.
    They all gave me the same answer: “Yes, we do and they works. For the others, not for myself…”. :-)

  3. Renee Corea

    Thanks, that was interesting! A modern Girault. Of course he just wanted to sleep.

    That is interesting too about the psychologists (though my first thought is wow, must have lots of psychologists in Milan!), bet they are better for it. One thing is certain, many don’t understand bed bugs until it’s their own skin. It’s a little sad. At this rate, however, we may get everyone in that category eventually.

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