2nd national EPA summit agenda

A draft agenda (PDF) is now available at the EPA summit page.

I am not personally as excited about a second national bed bug summit as I was about the first one in 2009 (when giddy would have been an appropriate description), but obviously (or perhaps not so obviously) I think a meeting like this can only be good, and do some good. Sharon Heath is again presenting for the NYC Department of Health and again I want to mention how great we think she is. The education and communication section seems promising, among others.

There is definitely a need to move swiftly beyond strategizing into action, but that is, you know, quite the commonplace thought. Doesn’t make it less true.

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  1. Sam Bryks

    I had a look at the agenda of the Second EPA Summit, and i am of the opinion that this is the premier event this year in North America on this issue.
    a lot of excellent stuff at the EPA Symposium and at BedbugCentral Chicago Summit in September, but the EPA summit is devoid of commercial presence. The Chicago BBC Summit had great exhibitors, but too much time i thought for exhibitors speaking ahead of sessions. Part of making it worthwhile as a commercial enterprise, but lots of time to see exhibits, so i found it a bit wearisome.
    The EPA Summit is free to attend, and the format of presentation and the group breakouts were excellent in the first EPA Summit and i expect to be even better this time.. The attendance is expected to be much higher than last time.
    Hopefully, there will start to be some good legislation in U.S. and in Canada to address the issue. Ontario recently announced a $5,000,000 budget for education at the 36 Health Units across the province, and launched an information website. I am of the view that an excellent legislative regulatory background of approach is what is needed. If one looks at the Review and POlicy Study in the UK in the 30′s, it is amazing how the recommendations had the common sense we know in IPM more than 70 years ago, when modern pesticide products were not yet on the scene. A more recent study in the UK on pest control practices, emphasized IPM best practices..
    This does not happen very well,however, without a regulatory framework at all levels of government.The success of the IPM in Schools programs was based on a regulatory component and this is what is needed to solve this problem.
    I am very hopeful that the Second EPA Summit will bring this home with clarity.

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