A one-sheet for communicating with your neighbors

I hope you are not organizing your building to fight bed bugs all by yourself. But I know that you may be.

As a follow up to the letter to building management discussed recently:

Here is a bed bug information sheet to leave with neighbors (PDF) as you go knocking on doors and inviting them to a tenants meeting to hash out the bed bug situation in your building.

The sheet says “bed bugs have been spreading in our building” and is meant to help you figure out what to say in your own building. Free to use as is or adapt to your (non-commercial) needs.

When you knock on doors, be ready to write down names and phone numbers and email addresses as well as make notes about what is discussed. This is a simple thing but easy to forget. (The building discussed in the previous post used a simple ruled list: apartment number, tenant name, email address, cell phone, and one-letter abbreviations to be circled as appropriate for willingness to join tenants association, attend the tenants meeting, and of course bed bugs: A – M – B.) It can be a very short conversation if you get contact information to follow-up.

If this is useful, other possible versions of this flyer to follow, as well as what to be sure to discuss in tenant meetings and some of the questions that may be asked.

Remember that you can download many advanced guides and resources, call 311 to order copies of the health department’s bed bug guide (the English-language version; other languages available only as downloads), and ask HPD to come speak to your tenants association meeting.


  1. Lou Sorkin

    something important….

    from the PDF– “on square-inch graph paper”

    Squares are 1/4 inch not inch squares

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