Toronto Bed Bug Workshop, March 15-16

The workshop is called Getting Rid of Bed Bugs / Keeping Them Out! – Sustainable Elimination through Integrated Pest Management. Details and registration here. This is the agenda (PDF).

Organized by Sam Bryks, speakers include Allison Taisey, Changlu Wang, Clive Boase, and local experts in housing, pest management and law.

Also check out this primer on bed bug management (PDF) on the IPM Consultancy (Sam Bryks’) site.

The workshop sounds very useful. Especially promising is something that is sometimes missing from this type of program, the participation of tenant advocates and housing law experts. Speakers here include Harry Fine, a former adjudicator with the Ontario Rental Tribunal, and Kenneth Hale, Director of Advocacy and Legal Services, Advocacy Centre for Tenants, Ontario.

I look forward to hearing about it.

Previous interview with Sam Bryks here.


  1. mdpestcontrol

    Good list of speakers scheduled for this event, thanks for posting. I will consider attending and will definitely be encouraging some of the property manager and rental property owner to attend. The real solution to the bed bug epidemic is education.

  2. sam bryks

    The workshop went well…! we had a bit of technical glitch at startup with video cables, but after that.. the rest of the presentations went very well..
    Attendance was not as high as I had hoped (we had about 40 attendees), but representation from some health departments and some large school boards.
    Also quite a few legal aid folks.. the presentation by the legal people was outstanding .. all presentations were good.
    All power point presentations will be posted over the next few weeks at .. many with audio ..
    will keep newyorkvsbedbugs informed..


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