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This most recent iteration of the blog at New York vs Bed Bugs is near the end. I am writing one additional post that deals with landlord/tenant issues. A good way to be alerted to the last few posts is to subscribe to the site feed or subscribe to receive posts via email.

In the meantime, some links.

This article in The Villager, “NYCHA officials say 6 percent of units hit by bedbugs,” about the two-evening bed bug forum that took place on January 18 and 19 (briefly noted) is important among other reasons because it reveals an essential problem with our current conception of bed bug education:

The councilmember [Council Member Rosie Mendez] said that while she was “very happy” with the city’s participation in both forums, it was unfortunate there wasn’t a greater showing by residents.

Emphasis added. I’ll try to gather my thoughts about this subject in another post.

–The Associated Press reported that the NYC Council sent a letter to EPA and HUD asking for assistance. The internet is not obliging with the text of this letter; do you have better luck?

–Journalist Theresa Braine has been writing an excellent series about her personal bed bug experience at BrickUnderground. I’m sorry I have missed it until now. It’s a great personal story, entertainingly delivered and packed with instructive episodes. This is the first installment.

–NPMA released bed bug management best practices. The presentation of these guidelines may be a bit confusing. Go directly to this link for the full guidelines in the form of an outline.

–And finally for a tiny bit of fun on an icy day, the tale of a bed bug gadget inventor, via. (No, no clue about how this could possibly work. My bet would be no, but really, what do I know? Made a cursory search for relevant research; here’s a 2005 technical publication if you are really interested. Think of the “debates” on verifying electronic alerts, à la canine scent detection!)

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