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Note: You can find your nearest Cooperative Extension Office here (what is an extension office?) and you can also search the internet with the terms insect identification and your state to find entomology labs at universities, museums and state offices.

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See also the Bed Bugs in New York City page.

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“The landlord has an obligation to eradicate the infestation and to keep the units from getting reinfested. If your landlord refuses to take the necessary steps, you can file a complaint with the city department of Housing Preservation and Development (call 311) or take the owner to Housing Court in an HP action.”

“Courts generally enforce this statute by awarding rent abatements for unfit conditions to rental tenants, including co-op apartment owners whose proprietary lease creates the requisite landlord-tenant relationship. The extent of the abatement is determined by weighing the severity of the breach, its duration and the effectiveness of the landlord’s efforts to cure the condition. The warranty does not permit a tenant to recover for damage to personal property or for personal injury resulting from a breach. And the warranty is inapplicable to condominium units, where no landlord-tenant relationship exists.”

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This is a selected list of articles that are open access. We highly recommend the army’s research library for free access to research articles not otherwise available to the public. → See also our many posts on bed bug research.


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* New York vs Bed Bugs in the media

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