Sample letter #1

Note: If you are using this sample to write an email to your New York City council representative, please cc Speaker Christine Quinn at and Ms. Rosalba Rodriguez, Director of the District Office of Council Member Gale Brewer, at

The Honorable [first and last name]

Re: [a bed bug task force for New York City]

Dear Council Member [last name]:

I am a resident of your district and am writing to express my great concern at the rapid spread of bed bugs in our city. There is an urgent need to identify best practices, disseminate bed bug prevention and control information, and coordinate resources to help New Yorkers struggling with intractable and financially draining bed bug infestations.

The New York Times’ editorial of January 14 calls on our city and state elected officials to “press for better training and more rigorous certification of exterminators, more public education about these pests, tougher standards for used furniture and a task force to figure out how to stay ahead of an army that seems to be growing every year.”

[strongly recommended: a brief personal statement about your bed bug experience or the signs of the spread of bed bugs in your neighborhood or your own bed bug policy concerns]

I am writing to request your support for a comprehensive bed bug control plan for New York City. 

I respectfully urge you to support introduced legislation in the New York City Council (Int. 57-2006, 873-2008 and 872-2008) that would create a bed bug task force, an education program and bed bug trash guidelines.

Thank you for your consideration.


[optional: phone number]

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